What is a Party without Games!

You can’t have a party without games – they go hand in hand, games are expected at all children’s parties. When you book Gordon’s Magic, he will take away the worry of organising the games yourself. Be honest, when was the last time you joined in? If you have not booked Gordon for your party, here are some ideas for you.

Choosing Games

Selecting the correct games is the key to a successful party. There are hundreds of games you can play at a party, although not all games are suitable. You should select games that can be played in the space you have available, and can be understood by the age group at the party. From personal experience of entertaining over 35,000 children, the best games for a birthday party are ones that do not have any of the children eliminated, and sat at the side of the room until the next game is started. It is no fun for children when they are no longer involved in the game, so play games that keep them involved all the time. If you do play elimination games, then change the rules so that the first one to sit down (in Musical Bumps for example) gets a sweet, or small prize, instead of the last person being out. This way you have full control over who wins, and the elimination is eliminated !!

I have created a selection of over 60 games in this resource area, split up into different types of games. Each game shows the age group it is suitable for, whether it is an elimination game and a personal star rating out of 5.

Choose games you like the sound of, and then decide if they are suitable for your party. I have kept back a few of my favourite games, ones that I currently use in my 2-hour party packages, so that they are unique to me, not only the games themselves, but also the entertaining way in which I play them.

Playing Games at the Party

So, you have everything ready, including all the props you need for the games, along with suitable music. Make sure you play games before food, unless you want to clear up a nasty mess. And don’t forget, make the games interesting, exciting, funny, and above all entertaining for the children. If children wander away during your games, it is because they are bored, and are looking for something else to do. Stimulate as many of the children’s senses as you possibly can, and you will have a games section of your party that will be remembered for a long time.