Balloon Games

Balloons on the Wall

Non Elimination – 5-10 years – 

This game can be played either on a team or or’ an individual basis. A large pile of balloons is assembled in the centre of the room and each player or team is allocated an area of wall. On the word ‘Go!’ each player takes a balloon, rubs it on his or her clothing to create a static charge and attempts to stick it on his or her area of wall. If the balloon sticks then the player can try it with another one. After a certain period of time the game is stopped and the team or player with the most balloons on its patch of wall is the winner.

Pass the Balloon

Non Elimination – 8-10 years – 

To play this game the players sit down in two rows facing each other. The two rows then number off, with those who called odd numbers making one team and the even numbers the other. Each team is designated an end of the avenue as their goal and a balloon is placed between them. When the game commences, each team hits the balloon from one player to another, up, down or across the rows. The balloon must not be held or thrown. The balloon is placed back in the centre after each goal is scored’ and the winning team is the one to have scored the most goals after a designated period of time.

Overhead Balloons

Non Elimination – 8+ years – 

To play this game the players form two teams and sit in rows at least three metres apart, facing each other. A balloon is then tossed into the centre, and the teams try to score goals by hitting the balloon over the heads of the other team. The team to win is the one that scores the most goals within a set period of time.

Balloon Volleyball

Non Elimination – 8+ years – 

In this game players divided into two teams try to score goals by hitting a balloon over a piece of string held taut by two people standing on chairs. Like proper volleyball, a point is scored if one team is unable to return the balloon over the string or if it lands on the floor. The team that wins a point serves the balloon back into play.

To make the game harder, a rule can be made that each team is allowed to hit the balloon only two times before returning it over the string. The winning team is the one that scores the most points within a set period of time.