Parcel Games

Pass the Parcel

Non Elimination – 3+ years – 

This is an old favourite and is enjoyed by children of all ages. A small gift, perhaps a bar of chocolate or a packet of sweets or nuts, is wrapped in several layers of paper Each layer should be secured with an elastic band or sticky tape. The players sit in a circle and one of them holds the parcel. When the music begins the parcel is passed around the circle. Each time the music is stopped, the person left holding the parcel removes one layer of wrapping. The music is then restarted and the parcel passed around again. When only two players remain in the game they should sit back to back and pass the parcel around the side. The game continues until someone removes the last layer of wrapping and so wins the prize.

Hot Parcel

Elimination – 5-10 years – 

Another way to play Pass the Parcel is to have only one wrapping on the parcel. The person left holding the parcel when the music stops is then eliminated from the game. This can be a lot of fun as the players will want to have the parcel in their hands for as little time as possible!

Forfeits Parcel

Elimination – 8+ years – 

This game is the same as Pass the Parcel except that a forfeit is written on each layer of wrapping, requiring the player to hand over something or to perform a specified action. The player left holding the parcel when the music stops has to perform the forfeit before taking off the wrapping.

Mystery Message Parcel

Non Elimination – 5+ years – 

In this version of Pass the Parcel a message is written inside every layer. This message tells the person left holding it when the music stops what to do with it. The organizer of the party should make up the messages, and they should be simple and easy to carry out. For example, the holder could be asked to pass it the person on to his or her left or to throw it to the person directly opposite.