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Let me show you how I can make your next school fete the best one ever.

Watch the video below to see how I can help you make money at your fete.

How To Ensure Your Fete Is Busy, No Matter The Weather…

How would you like a feature act at your school fete, that will pay for itself, give parents time to visit the beer tent, and guarantee that you will get a good turn out, no matter what the weather is like on the day?

All it takes is an empty classroom or hall, and a small amount of work ahead of time.

The show could look like this…

How Does It Work?

Simply book Gordon for a number of 30 minute shows (depending on the size of the school, 3 shows is the average) that run with at least 15 minutes between each.

Using all of the school communication methods, including SMS, Newsletters and book bags, you can send every student home with a Magic Show Ticket Order Form. This allows parents to choose the timeslot they would like, and then pre-book and pay for the number of tickets they require. Pre-payment is essential to make this work. You can of course sell family tickets, but it is important to let the parents know that their children will be in a safe environment, which will be manned by at least one member of the PTA, so they can buy tickets just for their children if they don’t wish to stay and join in the fun.

Ticket prices can be whatever you like, but £3 – £5 is about right. An average sized school can make back the cost of the entertainment in a single show, leaving the other shows as pure profit. At one of my schools they make a profit of over £1000 just on the magic shows!!

The main advantage to pre-selling tickets is that they will have made a financial commitment to the event. Just as a family will go to the theatre if they have tickets, no matter what the weather, so they will come to your fete if they have tickets.

Plus, if the parents have 30 minutes to kill while their children are watching the show, they will go and spend their money in the beer tent, or at other stalls while they wait which will further boost the fete’s profits.

On the day, you have full control over entry, along with safety and security by using a classroom or hall that is set aside for the shows.

The Magic Show

The Magic Show has lots of fun and laughter, and lots of audience participation. I invite the children to join me and help perform the magic. One of them will receive a balloon animal, and I try to make whatever they ask for…….. no hedgehogs please. The magic is designed for families, so there is something for everyone, from 3 year olds up to Grandparents. The magic show has lots of funny bits in it, to ensure the children are laughing the whole way through, and leave the show with big smiles on their faces.

Watch the video below to see how much fun the school show is.

Fluffy, the real live Bunny Rabbit

One of the children will wave a wand over an empty box, and the next time we look inside, there is Fluffy, the real, magic bunny rabbit. The children will talk about this for a long time.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for whatever reason you decide that the show was not suitable for your audience, or that the children watching didn't have a fantastic time, laughing all the way through, and leaving with a great big smile on their face, then just tell me immediately after the show, and I will cancel your bill and you will owe me nothing.

This is your 100% guarantee of quality. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You Can Get Results Like These...

Diana Jotic – Croydon, Surrey

Dear Gordon, thank you for making Stefan's 5th Birthday party so special. It was entertaining, funny and the magic show fantastic! My birthday boy and his 26 little guests had lots of fun and left the party with a big smile on their faces. Thank you again!

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Mrs Kerry Liebenberg – Putney, London

Gordon's magic show was, simply put, outstanding! Gordon is a true professional - he had the 26 four year old guests mesmerised for the duration on the show! Gordon's experience in structuring and managing kids parties was invaluable - the kids were kept laughing and enthusiastic throughout. His games and entertainment created the perfect balance between making the birthday boy feel amazingly special, whilst keeping all the guests entertained and engaged. I heard quite a few guests announce "this is the best party I've ever been to". Birthday boy's magic wand even made a rabbit appear - much to the utter delight of the other kids ! A huge huge success. Thank you Gordon.

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Caroline Kiromitis – Horley, Surrey

"Will definitely use you again"
Audio Testimonial - Press Play

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  • All bookings come with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am a full member of The Magic Circle and Equity

Personalised Quotation...

To request further information, availability and your personalised quote, simply fill in this form.

  • There is no obligation to book
  • Your quote will include full details and prices
  • All bookings come with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

An Alternative to Magic…

As well as the 30 minute magic shows, I also offer a full Punch & Judy Show. This is the traditional story – It’s not at all PC, but it is great fun. I am able to offer either the Magic Show or Punch & Judy, you just need to pick the one you prefer. The shows are recommended for ages 3 upwards.

Places and dates are limited, so be prepared to be flexible. For futher details please email: or call me on 020 8651 2127 today.