Wedding Entertainment

The two most remembered elements of any wedding party (apart from the ceremony of course) are the entertainment and the food, in that order. Your guests need to be wined and dined as the special guests that they are, but what is remembered most is that they had a really fantastic time. In fact, a recent survey of wedding guests revealed a fascinating fact…. 79% of attendees remembered the entertainment more than anything else at the party.

Here’s an idea that is guaranteed to make everyone lucky enough to be given an invitation to your party, remember and talk about for the rest of their days…

I perform at dozens of wedding parties every year and regularly have people telling me about miracles I performed for them weeks, months and even years before. The magic makes such an impression on people, they remember it for a long time afterwards

Let me offer you a hand in marriage…

Children at Weddings

Adults have a great time at weddings – chatting with people they haven’t seen for ages, drinking and generally being merry. For children, however, weddings can be very long and sometimes boring, so why not let them have their own party.

I offer many different types of entertainment for weddings, one of the most popular being the “Children’s Party”. This involves taking the children to a separate room so they can enjoy up to 2 hours of games and magic while the adults can enjoy the Wedding Breakfast and the speeches without worrying that their children are going to chat or disrupt proceedings.

Fun and Games

We start with the games, suitable for all ages, with no elimination, so all the children play all the games, all the time. Much more fun than sitting at the side waiting for the next game to start.

Then they can be fed, so that they get “children friendly” food, which they are much more likely to eat (and can reduce the total cost of the food) while I get the magic show ready.

The Magic Show

The Magic Show has lots of fun and laughter, and lots of audience participation. I invite the children to join me and help perform the magic. One of the children gets a balloon animal, and I try to make whatever they ask for…….. no hedgehogs please.

Another child then waves a wand over an empty box, and the next time we look, there is Fluffy, the real, magic bunny rabbit. The children will talk about this for a long time.

The magic show has lots of funny bits in it, to ensure the children are laughing the whole way through, and go back to their parents with big smiles on their faces.

Safety, First And Foremost

It is very important that the children are safe at all times. So there would be at least one adult present at all times, as well as myself. They would be available to take children back to parents and supervise toilet breaks if needed. They will also make sure that the children are safe whilst I am busy entertaining them.

You may have someone able to do this, or alternatively, I have several fully qualified “Nannies” available that I can call on as required.

The Sky’s The Limit…

There are many other options for wedding entertainment, including close-up magic for the adults during the Photocall, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast, and in that quiet time before the evening guests arrive. Partybags and balloons for every child are also available.

If you have something else in mind, then let’s talk and see how I can help make your day just that little bit more special.

You Can Get Results Like These...

Diana Jotic – Croydon, Surrey

Dear Gordon, thank you for making Stefan's 5th Birthday party so special. It was entertaining, funny and the magic show fantastic! My birthday boy and his 26 little guests had lots of fun and left the party with a big smile on their faces. Thank you again!

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Mrs Kerry Liebenberg – Putney, London

Gordon's magic show was, simply put, outstanding! Gordon is a true professional - he had the 26 four year old guests mesmerised for the duration on the show! Gordon's experience in structuring and managing kids parties was invaluable - the kids were kept laughing and enthusiastic throughout. His games and entertainment created the perfect balance between making the birthday boy feel amazingly special, whilst keeping all the guests entertained and engaged. I heard quite a few guests announce "this is the best party I've ever been to". Birthday boy's magic wand even made a rabbit appear - much to the utter delight of the other kids ! A huge huge success. Thank you Gordon.

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Caroline Kiromitis – Horley, Surrey

"Will definitely use you again"
Audio Testimonial - Press Play

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for whatever reason you decide that the show was not suitable for your audience, or that the children watching didn't have a fantastic time, laughing all the way through, and leaving with a great big smile on their face, then just tell me immediately after the show, and I will cancel your bill and you will owe me nothing.

This is your 100% guarantee of quality. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Personalised Quotation...

To request further information, availability and your personalised quote, simply fill in this form.

  • There is no obligation to book
  • Your quote will include full details and prices
  • All bookings come with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee