On Sunday 18th November, I was invited to appear on Radio Resonance FM to talk about my life as a Magician and Children’s Entertainer with Master J.

The radio station describe themselves as: a groundbreaking 24/7 radio station which broadcasts on 104.4 FM to central London, DAB to Greater London, nationally on Radioplayer and live streamed to the rest of the world. Realised by a dedicated community of volunteer engineers and programme-makers, Resonance offers over 100 creative broadcast series every week featuring local and international artists, makers and experts. Resonance seeks to discover, encourage and support a diverse range of artistic voices through radio – from first-timers to seasoned broadcasters.

In the 30 minute interview we talk about how just before a show his assistant inconveniently died – But in true ‘the show must go on spirit’, I went ahead with the performance anyway. And you can find out what my three least favourite parts of the job are.

Listen to the full episode here:

Visit Radio Resonance at: https://www.resonancefm.com