Every now and then I get asked if I can give a talk on magic, and so I created my “Magical History Tour”. It is all about how I started in magic, my membership of The Magic Circle (the most prestigious magic club in the world) and the history of three iconic legends in magic’s past, all interspersed with performances of magic to illustrate the talk.

Coffee Roundabout

Last Thursday I gave one of these talks to a wonderful group of women who have been going to the same coffee morning for the past 50 years, since it was formed as a young mothers coffee morning. The lady who runs it, Joan, is a very sprightly 93 year old, and she very kindly left me a voice testimonial after the event which you can listen to here by clicking the play button.


If you have a group that books talks, then please feel free to contact me on 020 8651-2127

Transcript of audio:
From the moment that Gordon took his shoe off, because it was uncomfortable, and produced a can of liquor from it (Gordon: it was actually coke !!!), he had us laughing, and we seemed to be laughing throughout the morning and forgetting all about the miserable rainy weather outside. His magic was wonderful, and he really is, I’m sure, a born entertainer for all ages. We thought it was a lovely show. Goodbye.