Today was an experiment for me… to see if I could help with an Elementary School Fundraising for the Parent Teacher’s Association, and I have to say it was a huge success, so much so that I have been asked back again later this year.

I have been told that this School PTA Fundraising raised over £170 for an event that lasted for 1 hour after school had finished, with minimum effort for the PTA helpers.

Want to know how this was possible, then read on…

I was contacted by the head of the PTA at Newdigate Infants School who wanted some ideas on how they could use my services to raise money for the PTA, while at the same time give the pupils a school treat. We discussed lots of different ideas, and kept coming back to one, which seemed like a winner, and from today’s results, it definitely was.

The school booked me to perform my one hour school show (similar to the School PTA Fundraising show featured in my showreel) on a Friday afternoon, to start about 15 minutes after school finished for the day. The PTA sent out a letter to the parents of every child at the school announcing that they had booked “Gordon the Magician” to perform his laughter filled magic show, and tickets were now on sale. All they had to do was fill in the slip at the bottom of the letter, and enclose payment. The school made a charge of £5 per child, and they sold around 75 tickets.

When I arrived to set up there was a real buzz around the school. As I walked into the reception, I could tell that there were a large number of excited children, waiting for the bell to ring so they could come and watch the show. The hall was big enough for me to bring the large show, with the full sound setup, the backdrop and banners, transforming the school hall into a magical theatre ready for the School PTA Fundraising to begin.

As soon as school was finished, the children, aged from 4-7 years were brought into the hall where the PTA had set up tables with drinks and a roll for every child (easy to do and adds to the value of the event). Once the refreshments were over, we launched straight into the show, and I soon had them giggling, laughing and having a great time. The hour seemed to disappear all too quickly, and soon it was time for everyone to go home. I had so many positive comments from the children, the parents collecting their children, (who were hearing all about the show), the staff who attended, and the PTA, who told me that it was one of the easiest fund raisers they had done.

Everyone was a winner. The children went home with big smiles on their faces…. their parents had an extra hour to themselves before the school run, and the PTA made a reasonable amount of money to put into their fund.

I think one of the reasons this format worked so well, was because it was so different. Everyone involved had been looking forward to it, and it helped raise a good sum of money for the PTA at the same time. This has to be a PTA Fundraising essential every year from now on. As PTA Fundraising events go – this was one of the easiest for the school. I am looking forward to taking a different show back to the school later this year.

Other ideas for this PTA Fundraising idea

There is no reason why this same School PTA Fundraising idea could not work for Charter School Fundraising, High School Fundraising (with a different type of show), non-profit fundraising, Rainbow and Brownies magic shows, Beaver and Cubs magic shows, as well as clubs and other organisations.

If you are interested in PTA Fundraising for your school or club, then please get in touch – you can pick up the phone and call (020) 8651-2127, or simply make an enquiry and I will send you all the information you need.